• Seven kinds of naturally derived oils cover various hair types and damages while moisturizing and smoothing the texture.
  • 10 kinds of botanical extracts give hair the original freshness and moisturize. Suppresses skin inflammation after color perm.
  • Contains moisturizing ingredients similar to human cell membranes. It keeps the moist feeling for a long time and suppresses the dryness of the hair tips. You don't have to worry about overdrying, and you can use blows or hot curlers to make it even more glossy.
  • Contains a natural film with a high moisturizing effect. By continuing to use it, it is assimilated into the cuticle on the surface of the hair and repaired.
  • A scented veil that blends plumeria and bergamot gently wraps you. Plumeria used for lei, which is familiar in Hawaii, also has a deodorizing effect.

Chou Chou cream / cream 280g

1 Gram
    • Those who are concerned about the hardness of the hair and the spread of the hair due to dryness and lack of nutrition
    • Those who want to enjoy curly hair with a beautiful luster
    • Those who want to prevent color fading and damage
    • Those who are worried about skin inflammation after color perm