"Oh! I was able to wash it properly!"


  • Platinum suppresses oxidation of the scalp for anti-aging. Keeps hair and scalp fresh.


  • Placenta, a condensed form of amino acids, keeps the scalp and hair healthy. Promotes hair growth and anti-aging.


  • Nine kinds of botanical extracts relieve inflammation of the skin after color and perm. Gives the original freshness of hair.


  • Rich lather reduces friction on the hair, and a pleasant refreshing sensation keeps the scalp, which tends to be sticky, clean. Contains amino acid-derived cleaning ingredients that are highly safe for the body and are environmentally friendly.


  • Herbal floral scent mainly composed of orange, geranium and lavender. It relieves the daily stress that modern people feel and calms the mind.


  • Prevents color fading due to ultraviolet rays, and quickly stabilizes unstable hair after color and perm to keep quality.

Chou Chou doré / shampoo 280g

1 Gram
    • Those who are concerned about the stickiness and dryness of the scalp
    • Those who want a natural volume at the base
    • Those who are concerned about the odor of the skin (aging and changes in physical condition after childbirth etc.)
    • Those who want to feel refreshed like a head spa at home
    • Those who want to prevent color fading and damage
    • For those with sensitive skin such as atopy
    • Those who go on overseas trips (corresponding to hard water and soft water)