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New York Dry Cut



New York Dry Cut



For the safety of yourself and others, please make sure that you wear a mask and you feel well enough to come to the salon. If you feel unwell or have recently been in a COVID compromised situation, let me know, and we can reschedule the appointment. Upon arrival at the salon, please be prepared to undergo a simple sanitization routine. I appreciate your honesty.

Please let me know,

〇 If an infected person comes out from your company, school, or organization, please refrain from visiting the store for 2 weeks even if you are not a close contact.

〇 Those who have been in and out of closed places (sports gyms, restaurants, live houses, etc.) where infected people have recently appeared.

● Request when visiting the store

〇Please cooperate in disinfection or hand washing.

It is said that the best preventive measures for the new coronavirus are disinfection, hand washing, and gargling.

When you enter the salon, we ask for your cooperation in disinfecting or washing your hands.



Hi, I'm a Tokyo-based, New York trained hairstylist specialising in redefining hair t exture .
Soften hard hair and give elasticity to soft hair. You can change the texture of any hair by cutting it.


Let's Get Started

Square Stage

Consultation, styling, cut and color

Reservation consultation

I work very closely with my clients from the beginning to ensure I understand their exact needs, timeline, and any other important details. Book this service today to learn more about what I provide.

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Personalized Approach

I teach workshops on a style of cutting known as'New York Dry Cut.'It's a technique I learned when I studied under Eiji Yamane in New York City.

By studying this intricate technique, you'll have a new set of skills and knowledge that will not only impress your clients but will allow them to more easily style and manage their hair at home.

Square Stage

1-on-1 Session

By appointment only

While at many Japanese salons the salon assistant takes charge of the pre-cut duties, during a 1-on-1 session, I'll be there every step of the way, from washing, head massage to cutting, drying, and finally styling ..

This service has been incredibly helpful for countless clients, especially those who may not be able to speak Japanese.

If you have questions, simply get in touch --I'm happy to talk through all of the details.

New York Dry Cut

What's New york Dry Cut?

By drying the hair and smoothing it out with a hair iron just as how you'd typically style it, you get to see how the hair falls; you get a better sense of hair texture and how it sits; this is the foundation of the dry cut technique.

This technique allows stylists to see precisely how your hair is shaping up in real-time. They can immediately tell where to remove length or density and where to leave strands as they are.

I like to think of this skill as similar to lining up a row of dominos and letting them fall. I build the hair from the bottom little by little then make an exact shape and texture; this allows me to create the flow and control how the hair sits wash after wash. When my clients go home, they will be able to replicate the hairstyle I created at the salon.


Price List

NY DRY CUT    *Shampoo & Blow Dry included     

 First-time trial - ¥ 8,000.     


Children (Below Elementary)                       


Student (Elementary)                         

Student (Middle School) 







Bangs Cut                  


Eye Brow Cut                    

Student (High School)  







*Shampoo & Blow Dry not included (if no cut service selected)        

Shampoo & Blow Dry


Quick Keratin treatment Short


Quick Keratin treatment Medium

Quick Keratin treatment Long


Herbal Head Spa (30 min.)


Herbal Head Spa (45 min.)


Herbal Head Spa (60 min.)









Deep Keratin 5 step treatment S


Deep Keratin 5 step treatment M


Deep Keratin 5 step treatment L

Indian head massage(90 mins.)

Medical bio spa

First-time trial - ¥ 8,000. 

Soda scalp cleansing








*More details click here

Head massage



*Shampoo & Blow Dry not included (if no cut service selected)        

Retouch (Roots only 2 to 3 cm)


Single Process (Full)  Short


Single Process (Full)  Medium

Single Process (Full)  Long


Wakan color



Highlight or Lowlights

(1/2 Head)

4D Color











Highlight or Lowlights

(1/2 Head Retouch)

Highlight or Lowlights

(Full Head)

Highlight or Lowlights

(Full Head Retouch)

Ombre, Balayage


Bleach Retouch

Color Toner

Plex Treatment in the color


Recommend to put this especially if you select the service with Bleach 










*All the service with bleach are not included Toner (Bleach only)More details click here

Facial Treatment

*Clients who came for the hair appoiment only

Trial -1 point only


Half face


Full face




Make-up remover and sunscreen are provided. If you have sensitive skin  I recommend to bring your own.

This menu is Cash only

*More details click here


*Shampoo & Blow Dry not included (if no cut service selected)  


Normal Perm (Cold Perm)


Crepe Perm


Relax Straight Perm

Japanese Straight Perm(Retouch)

Japanese Straight Perm (Full)







Bustling New York


you can book me via email or Line

Thanks for submitting!

Address: Address:

〒152-0004 Tokyo, Meguro City, Takaban, 2 Chome−19−22 g fiesta 3F A

*No elevator


Phone: Phone:


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