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The science of carbon dioxide facial mask therapy

A revolutionary treatment that releases 10x more carbon dioxide to the skin, triggering the “BOHR Effect” ––a process that releases a rush of oxygen and nutrients to the treated area, stimulating cell renewal and collagen production. Witness instant transformation and say hello to brighter, plumper and firmer skin!


  • Plump & hydrate

  • Boost cell renewal, collagen & elastin production

  • Refine pores and fine lines

  • Renew youthful glow

  • Lift and firm skin

  • Boost detoxification


  • All skin types, including sensitive skin

  • Tired and dull skin tone

  • Fine lines

  • Enlarged pores

  • Puffy skin

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Layers of epidermis

In Japanese law, all the cosmetics may only contain properties that penetrate the second layer, which is a granular layer.

But by using CO2 it this mask can reach the basal layer, which made it possible to penetrate the skin so deep it can activate more comprehensively and heal easily.

The effect will boost your blood flow, open up your tiny vessels underneath of your skin, and create such powerful flow it will boost your skin and make your skin look plump.

A form of this product is used in the medical industry to help patients suffering from burns and other skin troubles, such as acne. It will activate your skin cell and allow your skin to heal naturally from the basal layer.

The mask's combination of CO2 and O2, kick starts an effect known as'airobics,' this happens is your skin starts burning fat. The outcome will lift your face line, tighten wrinkles and tiredness of the skin, and tighten pores, and hydrate. The effect will last 24 hours.

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Activate Mask ¥ 33000

Lasts 90 mins, extends cell life.

It's a must-have moisturizer and energy boost for your skin

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Green Mask ¥ 19800

For more high-performance Co2 for busy people

Powerful lifting effects of your face line

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All-natural skincare

Non-toxic and free from synthetic chemicals

no smell, color free, mild acidity

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Using the ingredients from ancient times of japan

NO harm for any type of skin, ingredients are extracted from natural resources

beautyfying ingredients

Plants extracts


Jojoba oil




Hyalluronic acid

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