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Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law


Yuri nabata


5-42-4-502 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo




Nabata Yuri

Selling price

Based on the price displayed on each product detail page.

Necessary charges other than the product price


Payment method

VISA, Master card


It depends on the weight area. Based on the price displayed on the shipping page. Free shipping for a total of 30,000 yen or more (excluding tax) nationwide

About overseas shipping

Shipping is limited to Japan. We do not ship overseas.

About payment method

Credit card: It depends on the closing date of your credit card company and the contract details. Please check with your credit card company.

Delivery time of goods

After payment is confirmed, it will usually be delivered within 3-4 business days.
* In some areas including Okinawa, it will take 4 to 5 days more than usual.

Returns / Exchanges

■ Returns and exchanges (return special contract)
If the business operator (our shop) makes a statement regarding the special return policy in accordance with the rules stipulated by the Ordinance of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry regarding the enforcement of the "Revised Specified Commercial Transactions Law on Returns", the business operator will determine whether or not to return the product according to the rule (special return policy). Suppose.

(1) Whether or not to return the product We cannot accept returns or exchanges of products due to customer's convenience.
* We accept returns or exchanges in the following cases due to our shop reasons.
1. If the item is damaged from the beginning or during transportation.
2. When a product different from the one you applied for arrives.
In these cases, please contact us within 3 days after the item arrives.

(2) Return conditions 1
Please be sure to let us know in advance by e-mail or phone in case of returns such as initial defects or misdelivery.
When returning or exchanging, please return it in the same condition as when it was delivered.
* The following two items are not eligible for returns.
1. Differences in color display such as product images depending on the screen of the device to be displayed (personal computer, mobile phone, etc.).
2. The product image is an image and may differ from the delivered product due to sudden changes in specifications, etc.

(3) Shipping charges We will bear the shipping charges for returns and exchanges such as initial defects and misdelivery.

(4) Return conditions 2
Even if it is a mistake due to our shop's reason such as initial failure or misdelivery, we can not respond if more than 3 days have passed since the item arrived.
Please inspect the product as soon as it arrives.

(5) Return window In case of returns or exchanges due to our shop reasons, please be sure to contact us before returning the product.
Mail: Mail:

The cooling-off system is not applicable to online shopping. Products purchased by mail order are not subject to the cooling-off (unconditional cancellation) stipulated by the Specified Commercial Transactions Law.
Therefore, cooling-off is not available for Internet mail order.

Email address for mail-order email advertising

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